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During the revival movement the lord demonstrated His mighty power, anointing , miracles, signs and wonders touching many lives and bringing them to the lord Jesus.


Below are some of the testimonies experienced by the saints during the revival movement in the church:

  • Massive infilling of the Holy spirit in church meetings, homes, schools, motor vehicles, during baptism, in business premises, streets etc.
  • People jumping and shooting up to 10 metres high as they were prayed for.
  • Many people came to Christ in great repentance for sins while crying, mourning and weeping.
  • In some meetings believers praised and worshiped God the whole day without room for introduction or preaching due to the heavy presence of God.
  • Demon possessed persons were delivered e.g. into dogs etc.
  • Many people were slayed, filled with the Holy spirit and left lying down for up to 8 hours and taken in the spirit in a tour of heaven ,came back to life and gave stories of the beauty of heaven.
  • Some had to be taken to the hospital after people thought that they were either severely sick or death since they were lying down without breathing.
  • Long hours of daily non stop praise and worship songs by congregations without the use of hymn books while standing up for up to 10 hours .
  • The revival disturbed religious churches and normal community life until some persons reported their complaints to the top authorities in Kenya during the time who summoned the church leaders for questioning .But there was enough grace to protect the revival team from any reprisals.
  • Other believers were persecuted by their relatives or community members who reacted negatively but could not surrender since they were willing to suffer for the gospel.
  • Prayer and fasting on daily ,weekly and monthly basis in churches ,homes, forests and hills was carried out by the believers in an effort to earnestly seek God.
  • Frequent speaking in tongues and interpretation , prophetic utterances and affirmations and assurances.
  • Deep revelation of heaven and release of very specific Words of knowledge on current events were a common feature.
  • More focus and zeal for spiritual matters and end times by some believers who even contemplated to leave schooling or their jobs but they had to be advised by more mature leaders against it.
  • Massive delivery of people from demonic bondages leading to repentance and complete change e.g. many left sinful lives, collapse of brewing local alcohol (busaa and changaa ) businesses as people accepted Jesus Christ as their lord.
  • Revelation of new kingdom messages and songs e.g. on grace gifts, sonship etc. ,discouragement of songs like Don’t pass me lord (Usinipite mwokozi), Visit me Jesus (Nitembelee yesu ), Spirit of God come down (Roho wa Mungu shuka ),Welcome Jesus (Karibu Yesu) etc. Saints began to worship God directly not as a third person by saying .i.e. ‘God, you are worthy and not He is worthy’.
  • Walking by brethren for long distances for up to 70 KM per day to preach the gospel without bothering to use motor vehicles as they were empowered by the Holy spirit.
  • Brethren swimming across rivers on evangelism missions without being armed by hippos or crocodiles to the amazement of the local people.
  • Radical teachings during church meetings and open air crusades e.g. calling people who were not born again uncircumcised and exposing deep secret cultural traditions in public like the monster acted by Tugen people (Talkuku) something which caused a lot of community protest.
  • Miraculous instant healings of various diseases including fractures and severe injuries.
  • Radical evangelism on daily basis through door to door, open air crusades and evening revival meetings.
  • Worshipping God in the Spirit and truth accompanied by great shouting, crying, jumping, dancing, matching, weeping and groaning which was a very new thing at the time.
  • Many revived brethren had to break away from rigid traditional churches to start new fellowships to embrace the revival movement after facing stiff opposition from key religious /church leaders.
  • Children preached to themselves the gospel in school and saw heavenly and angelic visions in class rooms. They also skipped lunch breaks and supper for prayer and fasting.
  • The testimony on the revival movement was heard widely and people from Kenya and outside the country came to witness. Also journalists came to cover the miracle works of Christ and published in newspapers.
  • A Python attacked a girl in the bush ,tied both her hands and legs while standing ready to swallow her but after a prayer of faith to God while standing still the snake left her unharmed.

Signs and wonders

  • 13 stars fell during prayers by intercessors hence scaring the community.
  • Provision of supernatural lights at night during a church prayer meeting.
  • Filling of an empty lamp with paraffin to provide lights during a meeting.
  • Opening of locked doors in a church building through prayers after some church leaders blocked access for intercessors.
  • A broken lamp was returned to its original state miraculously after it was prayed for.
  • Miraculous stopping of rains during meetings was common.
  • Some of those who opposed the gospel were visited in visions, warned, physically beaten by supernatural beings or even fell sick (paralyzed) or died.
  • Angels joined brethren during meetings in some instances to sing with them.
  • Some known illiterate members spoke fluently in English and quoted Bible verses from then until today.
  • Some brethren became walking Bibles as they could accurately quote verses with ease without reference to the Bible.
  • Prisoners released in prisons after prayers and declarations by preachers.
  • A house roof was removed during house church meeting and returned after the meeting was over.
  • Bows and arrows aimed at brethren during an evening house church meeting failed to be released even after frantic efforts by the shooter who later apologized and accepted Jesus as savior.