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The following lessons were learned by the believers during the revival movement :

  • That it was possible to worship God in Truth and the Spirit without hymn books for long hours with the enablement of the Holy Spirit.
  • That God dwells in people not just in heaven or in buildings.
  • That the church is a living organism made up of people with Jesus Christ as the Head and not church leaders like Pastors, Prophets, Elders etc.
  • That the ordinary believer can also access and hear God directly and not just through the popularly known ministers of the gospel (clergy) through the laying of hands.
  • That it was more powerful to worship or praise God directly not as a third person e.g. to tell Him ‘You are able not He is able’.
  • That it was more valuable in a church service to spend more time worshipping and praising God than just going through routine mechanical religious programs and formalities. These released healings (both physical and spiritual) in the congregations. In many traditional churches it was seen as waste of time even today.
  • That many things seen as impossible were actually very possible if we wholly trust in God.
  • That it was much greater for ministers to preach the true gospel of Jesus to win souls and transform lives than to preach material, world prosperity and success.
  • That the pulpit in a church which is more decorated even today was not more holy than other parts of the building hence there was more need to focus on making the believers holy.
  • When we pray we don’t come before the lord but we knew we are before Him daily, always and all hours of the day. Also we don’t call on God to come down from heaven to visit us since He dwells in us always as His holy temples.
  • That it was a waste of time to sing songs about Satan since as we focus on God Satan will flee away. The presence of God will automatically chase away Satan.

The Grace of God

Grace is God’s unmerited favor which means even though we were sinners ,deserving judgment , God looked upon us in love and forgave us. He accepted us into God’s family. He also gave us an enabling power which we dearly need to live a believer’s (Christian ) life.

God gives us the power, authority and anointing which we require as ministers to operate and function in the church according to His will and purpose. Heroes of faith like Moses, Gideon and Apostle Paul began their walk with God aware of their own weaknesses and inability and they had to fully depend on God to succeed. Our response to God’s calling is to trust and believe His word and obedience to Him.

God’ response to our faith is to provide the enabling power ( grace) which causes us to triumph in every situation. No one serves God effectively without His grace . However, there is caution that no one should misuse the grace by making it a license to sin. Acts 4:33,Acts 14;26,2 Thes 2:16-17, Eph 2:8-9,Eph !:4-6,2 Cor 5:17,2 Pet 3:18,Exodus 3:11-13, Exodus 4:1-13,Judges 6:1-24,Acvts 15:40,2 Cor 11;22-33,2 Cor 12:9,Heb 4:16,2 Cor 9:8,Rom 6:1-14, Heb 13:5.