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These are important principles in relation to church leadership :

  • The church belongs to Jesus. He is the chief cornerstone, Head of the church, top stone of the pyramid-Mat.16:18,Eph.2:20.
  • Members of the church are believers, saints, brethren, Christians or elect.
  • The church is the Body of Christ Eph.1:22-23,Eph.4:15,1Cor.12:27.
  • Members or brethren are living stones ,spiritual house ,active 1Pet.2:5.
  • Foundation of apostles and prophets Eph.2:20.
  • Church is a family Eph.2:19,Acts 2:42-47.
  • Church is made of brothers and sisters Mat.12:50,James2:15-17,1Tim.5:2.
  • The church is the flock (sheep) and Jesus is the shepherd Isa.40:11,Luke 12:32,Joh.10,Mat.18:10-14.
  • There is need of growing the body to maturity Eph.1:23,Eph.2:15,Eph.4:13.
  • It is a building involving much work, resources and team work Eph.2:21-22.
  • Focus on the great commission, assignment to all as per gifting/calling/grace,
  • True leadership is about being fruitful and multiplication and not failure (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob are examples)-Gen.1:28,Gen.9:1-7,Gen.12:1-2,Gen.18:8,,Mat.28:19-20.

Signs of Someone Who is ineffective Leader

The following are the signs of someone who is not having effective leadership skills:-

  • Not a team player but a lone ranger.
  • Without a father’s heart.
  • Not hearing God.
  • Cannot influence through the grace of God .
  • Kills the vision and ministry of others.
  • Not mentoring (discipling), coaching ,empowering or raising others to leadership.
  • Condemn and curse people.
  • Only theoretical i.e. in prayer, worship. evangelism etc.They are not men or women of action only lecturing people without deeds.
  • Divide people and create conflicts.
  • Lacking zeal and passion to lead.
  • Gross misconduct and sinful i.e. careless , abusive, lack integrity.