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Church Core Values

Below are the ministry core values which every believer is expected to comply with:

  • Honesty. It is being truthful/trustworthy in all dealings both in church and outside.
  • Integrity .It is being of good conduct and not corrupt.
  • Commitment to the calling. Ready to pay the price by committing time and resources Gen.29:15.
  • Team Leadership. Working in a team and not displaying a one man show in ministry.
  • Transparency & Accountability . Being open, responsible & accountable in life.
  • Corporate Hearing God. Keen to hearing God as a team which is more effective than just one man.
  • Consistency .Being reliable & stable .
  • Time management. Using of God given time well and not wasting on worthless things.
  • Love and forgiveness. Not condemning others but praying for them to be like Christ. Will be quick to repent thoughts, attitudes and actions that have failed to honor God.
  • Holiness and purity. To continually guard our hearts to avoid any kind of impurity.
  • Humility. To seek to be empowered by the Holy Spirit and live humbly before God.